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Here’s what you need to know about the Brooklyn subway shooting

Brooklyn resident Will Wylde said he was in the subway car right next to the one where the shooting took place.

Wylde told CNN he heard a commotion in the other car while the N line train was traveling between the 59th Street and 36th Street subway stations in Brooklyn.

Wylde said he heard popping noises while the train was traveling, but it was unclear what caused them.

“People started banging on the door trying to get through,” he said, describing how passengers from the car where the shooting was taking place were trying to move into his car. 

However, the door was locked, as some subway doors between cars are locked.

Video footage captured by Wylde showed people backing away from the door and a man banging on the door trying to move into the subway car. Pops are heard in the video, but a CNN analysis of it shows that they are from the man hitting the window with his palm and are not gunshots or explosions. It’s unclear who the person banging on the subway door is. 

Additional videos taken by Wylde show people rushing off the subway train after it pulled into the 36th Street subway station. Smoke poured out of the car where the shooting took place, and people can be heard screaming.

An individual is seen helping an injured and bleeding person dressed in a blue hoodie off the train. Another man is seen hobbling off the train shortly afterward.

Another video taken by Wylde showed that two individuals, who are clearly injured, are in another subway train — likely the one that was across the platform at the 36th Street station. One individual is seen laying on the ground while the other person is seen lying across the seats.

Here’s where the shooting took place:

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