Harbhajan Singh taken apart on Twitter for abusing Pakistani woman journalist

Harbhajan Singh taken apart on Twitter for abusing Pakistani woman journalist

Harbhajan Singh address Mohammad Amir controversy. Photo: Harbhajan Singh YouTube account

Former Indian spinner Harbhajan Singh triggered anger, disgust and outrage after he abused a Pakistani woman journalist on Twitter. 

Harbhajan Singh and Mohammad Amir have been engaging in an ugly Twitter spat, hurling abuses at one another after the latter took a dig at the former in a couple of tweets. 

The Pakistani woman journalist tagged Harbhajan Singh in a video from the Lahore Test match that was played between India and Pakistan in 2006. 

One of the most memorable events from the match was former Pakistan captain Shahid Afridi dismantling Harbhajan in an over, hitting him for four consecutive sixes in an over. 

“For your reference, highly educated cricketer,” tweeted the woman journalist. 

Harbhajan Singh shot back with a very rude response. 

Harbhajan Singh taken apart on Twitter for abusing Pakistani woman journalist

Twitterati from both sides of the border were disgusted by the former cricketer’s abusive comments. 

“What a waste of a human being he is,” said one user. “He doesn’t even know how to speak to a woman journalist.”

“You are losing respect after doing all this like kids. As an Indian I never want any of our legendary players to go on this level,” tweeted one account.

“First learn the spelling of a journalist, idiot,” pointed out another.

“Not following you on Twitter anymore,” tweeted an Indian woman, clearly disgusted at the former Indian spinner’s behaviour.

“Please yaar, what is this language? Keep it off my TL,” tweeted another person.

“Bhajji is touching a new low with these types of tweets. She is not using any abusive word, and factually, she is way more educated than Bhajji,” tweeted a Rishab Pant account. 

In another video he uploaded on Twitter to clarify the Mohammad Amir controversy, Harbhajan Singh took aim at Pakistani journalists as well. 

“You [Mohammad Amir] sold the country and these [Pakistani] journalists are supporting him,” he said in the video. 

“Well done,” he said, clapping. “It shows what you are.”  

“Learn something from Dhoni and Dravid on how to be a gentleman,” tweeted another Indian woman. 

Harbhajan Singh lashes out at Mohammad Amir in latest video

In his latest video, the Indian spinner addressed his Twitter beef with Mohammad Amir. 

Harbhajan Singh referred to Amir’s infamous spot-fixing scandal, accusing the Pakistani bowler of “selling your country” at Lord’s.

He spoke about how he knew former fast bowler Shoaib Akhtar, and how the two were good friends from back in the day, hence their banter made sense.

“Our India-Pakistan issue was resolved there,” he said, “However, Amir also got in the middle of it and tweeted at me.”

“Amir is not at the level where I should speak to him even,” he said. “The more I speak to him, the more I will lower my own self. He’s a disgrace,” he added.

After lashing out at Amir, he turned his guns on Pakistani journalists for supporting Amir. “Amir sold his country but he is being supported by journalists,” he added.

He then told Pakistan cricket fans to support their team, adding that he would continue to support India. Harbhajan Singh urged Pakistani fans not to interfere in the affairs of Indians, adding that they would not do the same. 

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