Full Scorecard of Australia vs Sri Lanka 2nd Test 2022 – Score Report


58.4 to M Labuschagne, And just like that Labuschagne is gone! And as fate would have it, Dickwella completes the stumping. Marnus came down the wicket here, but didn’t get to the pitch of it. He decides to defend, but Jayasuriya manages to pitch this on a rough patch and get some sharp turn past the edge. Dickwella whips off the bails, almost in disgust. A fantastic innings by Marnus though, but he will be doubly disappointed considering how comfortable he had been for the majority of his innings.. 204/3

72.2 to TM Head, bowled him! Head bamboozled! He has no idea how this bowled him. Good length, lovely shape outside off, Head plays for turn but plays the wrong line, it beats the outside edge as he defends from the crease and clips the outside of off stump! Head didn’t believe that could bowl him! He though he had off stump covered.. 238/4

76.6 to C Green, Given lbw! Did he get outside the line? Green reviews. He tried to sweep from outside off, he didn’t make contact. It hit the pad with part of the ball in line! Umpire’s call on impact. But it was going on to hit the stumps. Green is out. Australia keep the review. 252/5

98.2 to AT Carey, holes out trying to reverse sweep! Sri Lanka set the trap and Carey got sucked in. Looped up slower outside leg, Carey switched his feet and reversed but was deceived by the slower pace, he miscued off a top edge to a well placed man two-thirds of the way to the point fence. Easy catch. Jayasuriya has four.. 329/6

100.2 to MA Starc, brilliantly caught at slip! Five for Jayasuriya on debut! Good length outside off, drifting away from the left-hander but it slid on straight rather than turning in, Starc pushed with hard hands down the wrong line, gets a thick edge that flew sharply to slip and Kusal Mendis pouches it beautifully. The ball disappeared into his hands like they were velvet blankets. Great catch.. 333/7

102.5 to NM Lyon, Big appeal for lbw and after long think umpire Kumar Dharmasena raises the finger! Lyon reviews instantly. This was a good length ball, going on with the arm. Lyon decides to stay back to one he really shouldn’t have, and is rapped on the front bad in front of what looks like middle and leg. And yes, it’s three reds and Lyon has to go. That’s Jayasuriya’s sixth.. 345/9


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