Final Wrap up and U23, U20, and U17 Final Results – Illinois Matmen


FORT WORTH, TX • Three separate age groups were on display this past weekend at the Will Rogers Memorial Center for the U23, U20, and U17 Women’s Championships—these three divisions also served as the World Team Trials tournament—and Illinois did not disappoint. In fact, it was made overly clear that women’s wrestling in the Land of Lincoln, whether it is high school or college-aged women, is very strong and growing in a way that is extremely competitive and well above most states in the country.

There was a total of forty entrants registered with Illinois ties in the given divisions and weights that competed in Texas; twenty-one of them went on to earn All-American honors. 

Illinoisians made up nine finalists and claimed four championships. In that, there are now four women representing Team USA at the World Championships that have Illinois ties, and twelve ladies are now members of the National Team. 


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