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Fans Drag Tony Khan For Claiming AEW Haters Are Paid Trolls & Bots

AEW President Tony Khan is known for a lot of things, which includes his passion for pro wrestling. He is also just a regular fan just like other people, but sometimes that might keep him from being a true professional.

Tony Khan recently made a very bizarre claim that all the online AEW haters are paid trolls, insinuating that WWE might have had something to do with it all.

Unsurprisingly, many fans took to Twitter and dragged the AEW President for his bizarre claim. Despite this, it is unlikely Tony Khan will back down from what he said either.

“I wanna say this account has been hacked. But… nah. I could see Tony putting this out there.” one fan said. “Actually Tony it’s called criticism & people are allowed give that or have different opinions on things in the world nobody is a ‘Bot’ or whatever when giving a opinion regardless of if it’s good or bad,” another said.

Many fans also feel that Tony Khan should be focusing more on AEW’s product instead of continuously taking shots at WWE. By the looks of it, fans feel WWE is clearly in Khan’s head and that is unlikely to change anytime soon.

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