Fahad Mustafa reacts to ‘Mauka Mauka’ campaign

Fahad Mustafa reacts to ‘Mauka Mauka’ campaign

The ‘Mauka Mauka’ fan with the Indian electronics shop owner. Photo: Star Sports screengrab

Reacting to the iconic advertising campaign Mauka Mauka by an Indian channel taking a dig at Pakistan as the two sides clash on October 24 in the ICC T20 World Cup, netizens urged Pakistan to recreate a similar ad in response.

However, replying to the demand of sports journalist Mirza Iqbal Baig, Pakistani actor Fahad Mustafa tweeted: “Better response would be to win the match.”

Retweeting the Indian campaign, Baig wrote on Twitter: “Pakistani made the ad in response to this ad made by the Indians.”

Launched initially six years ago, the Mauka Mauka campaign takes digs at Pakistan through the lens of an enthusiastic Pakistani cricket fan. All the fan wants to do, as per the campaign, is to witness Pakistan triumph over India in a World Cup clash.

However, the advertisement always ends with the fan getting disappointed and the repeated mention of Pakistan losing every World Cup encounter against India.

In the latest TV advertisement, the Pakistani fan walks into an electronic store owned by an Indian friend of his to buy a large TV set.

Badaa TV dikhayein (show me a large TV),” says the Mauka Mauka guy. “Iss baar Babar, Rizwan, Dubai se esay chakkay maarenge Delhi ke sheeshay tootenge (This time, Babar and Rizwan will hit such sixes from Dubai that windows in New Delhi will break from the impact),” says the enthusiastic fan to his Indian friend.

Mauka cheen ke lenge,” he says.

The electronic shop owner then tells his Pakistani friend to take home two TV sets instead of one. Puzzled, he asks why.

T20 World Cup may ap ham se paancho baar haare hain (Your team has lost to ours five times in the World Cup),” he responds. “Ab patakhe toh phodne se rahay. Kuch toh phodoge? (Forget the firecrackers. You will need to smash something, right?)” he says.

“Buy one, break one free,” he says to the disappointed Pakistani fan.

The campaign has garnered a lot of attention over the years, both in India and Pakistan, with fans of both countries always reacting to its content.

After Pakistan trounced India in the Champions Trophy final in 2017, then captain Sarfaraz Ahmed joined a sea of fans outside his Karachi residence, trophy in hand, singing the Mauka Mauka song.

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