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In the recent past, sports websites have seemingly been shaping the sports industry. And if you’re
a fan, it’s likely that you’ve used a couple of these before. But for this article, the focus is on one
prominent site, Esporte11. At any particular moment, there are usually thousands of users on the site. Now, you’re probably wondering what makes it stand out from other sports sites. To get your questions answered, you may go through this detailed review of Esporte11.

Visual Aspect
The website designers sure did a good job here. When you log into the site, you’re greeted with a
black-and-yellow-themed wall. And for some reason, these colors sure bring out a sporty
ambience. The readability is also easy, more so because of the conspicuous text font types and
sizes. It’s an orderly site with well-arranged tabs and tables, titles, and lively slides that make
you want to explore the site some more. Below, see a section of the homepage of Esporte11.

User Friendliness
Navigating the site is also a fairly easy task. For instance, there are:
Push buttons: Most of the site’s pages can be quickly accessed with push buttons. From
‘Promotions’ at the top menu bar to ‘Soccer’ on the sports menu, to ‘FAQs’ at the
bottom, the site designers ensured that you’d conveniently access information with a
simple tap or click.
Dropdown buttons: This is another handy tool incorporated. The notable dropdown
button is at the top right corner of the homepage that helps you to change the language to
either Portuguese or English
Search Dialogue Box: And if you’re stuck trying to find an item on the site, the search
tool on the left end of the page couldn’t be more useful. You simply have to input the
item’s keywords in the search dialogue box and get a lead into your search object.

Check out the image below for an illustration of these three navigation tools:

Yoooesporte1 1, Live Cricket Streaming

Additionally, the site is compatible with most web browsers, including Google Chrome, Mozilla
Firefox, and Edge, if you’re using Windows. On Mac, you’ll find a smoother experience using
Safari. Make sure to upgrade your browsers periodically to get the best experience.
Another perk is that the site offers a mobile version. So, you don’t have to be behind a desktop
screen to access your favorite games. Once you connect your smartphone to the internet, you’re
as good as someone else with a desktop computer or laptop.
Types of Sports
Esporte11 sure does raise the bar for sports sites. You’ll likely spot your game of interest in this
site as it has up to 25 types of sports on its database. Some of the most popular ones on the site

  1. Soccer
    As of 2020, soccer, also known as association football, or simply football, was the world’s most
    popular sport.

And the soccer statistics at Esporte11 add proof to this. At any particular moment, there are
usually over a thousand live soccer fans on this site. The site gathers timely information on the
football matches from prominent games such as:
● English Premier League
● Italian Serie A
● Spanish La Liga
● Turkish Super Lig
● UEFA Champions League
● Simulated Reality League
And the list goes on to cover other popular international soccer leagues.

  1. Tennis
    You can find the latest on the scheduled games, including the players and match results.
    Esporte11 brings you news from games such as ATP, WTA, Challenger, ITF Men, ITF Women,
    among other tennis leagues.
  2. Basketball
    In the basketball tab, you’ll find sport’s statistics, such as the number of games played in
    different leagues from all over the globe. For example:
    ● American NBA
    ● American WNBA
    ● Coupe de France
    ● German DBBL
    ● Indonesian IBL
    And these are but a sample of the numerous basketball games in Esporte11’s database.
  3. Ice Hockey
    If you’re an ice hockey fan, this site has got you covered on the details of your favorite sport.
    You can find information for any ice hockey league by clicking on the corresponding tab. Here
    you’ll find ice hockey updates from all over the world, including:
    ● Germany: DEL and DEL 2
    ● Russia: KHL, VHL, and MHL
    ● Sweden: SHL, HockeyEttan, Allsvenskan
    ● Switzerland: Swiss League and National League
    ● USA: AHL and NHL
    There are many more countries and even international events such as the Olympic Games and
    World Championship, among other competitions.
  4. Motorsport
    And of course, if you’re a race track lover, you’ll be delighted to find all the Nascar, Rally, and
    Formula 1 statistics on the site.
    Aside from the above five sports, you’ll find others including: Volleyball, Handball, Baseball,
    American football, Rugby, Cycling, Water polo, Futsal, Golf, Boxing, MMA, Darts, Snooker,
    Table tennis, Badminton, Aussie Rules, Floorball, Bandy, Biathlon, and Alpine skiing.
    So, whether your favorite sport is on land, water, or ice, you’re sure to find it listed on this site.
    Live Highlights
    The exhilarating feeling of being present in the course of a game is unmatched. And Esporte11
    understands this, so they have a whole tab dedicated to quickly giving you the live highlights of
    ongoing games.
    For instance, if you’re a tennis fan and you can’t catch the most awaited game of the season on
    TV, you can simply log into and watch as the scores change, indicating the
    progress of the game. Additionally, this site can prove to be extremely handy if you’re betting
    live, as you’re aware of how the game in question is proceeding. Thus, this gives you an idea of
    how to place your bets. The image below illustrates typical live feeds of matches.
Esporte11 234 1, Live Cricket Streaming

With Esporte11, you not only have fun staying up to speed with the latest in your sporting field,
but you also have the chance to make money. You may place your wagers on the site’s
sportsbook for the outcomes of dozens of sports, then cross your fingers as you await the results.
And the site offers you flexibility through live betting as you can also place your wagers as a
particular match progresses.
Aside from the real games, you can also bet for games such as Counter-Strike Go, Dota 2,
League of Legends, or other competitive video games.
The betting transaction currencies are Euros (EUR), United States Dollars (USD), or Brazilian
Reals (BRL). The minimum stake limits offered in the different currencies are:
● 0.10 EUR
● 0.10 USD
● 0.30 BRL
As for the upper side, there’s no fixed maximum amount set for overall bets. These limits vary
depending on the sport or market you’re betting on. And if you place a stake more than the
maximum amount, you’ll be notified of the excess for that specific selection. For your payments,
you may use Astropay, the site’s preferred online payment service.
As for the winnings, the maximum amount you can win per bet is 10,000 BRL. The maximum
win per day is 100,000 BRL. These figures are, however, not written on stone, as they’re subject
to change by the site at any time.
Even so, not everyone logging into the site can bet. The following is a list of the excluded bets or
groups of people who aren’t allowed to place their wagers:
● Bets by order
● Participating sportsman bets. A participating sportsman is one who takes part in the
sports event, an owner, trainer, functionary of a participating club, or someone affiliated
with the club playing.
● Bookmarkers
● Betting agents
If the company discovers that you wagered yet you fall in any of the mentioned categories, then
it’s authorized to cancel the bet and withhold payments for any winnings you make.
The site also offers free bets on certain games. For such a bet, you place your wager without
using your money. If you lose, you won’t be required to pay back. And if you win, only the net
winnings will be added to your account and should be wagered before being available for you to
You should remember to read the other terms and conditions before placing a bet on the site, then
proceed to bet responsibly.
Esporte11 offers a range of exciting promotions based on the categories of sportsbooks and
casinos. These include:

  1. Sportsbooks
    100% welcome bonus: You can make a minimum deposit of 30$R and get a 100%
    welcome deposit bonus of 300$R which will be valid for 14 days from activation time
    and should be wagered within this period.
    300% multi bonus: You can enter this promotion by placing odds that are 1.15 or higher.
    This bonus helps you boost your ticket with more matches and you can multiply your
    winnings three times. And the good thing is that it’s valid for all bet types throughout the
  2. Casino
    10% casino cashback: You can play your favorite games every day and get a refund of
    10% every Monday without limits or wagering requirements.
    Other bonuses and promotions include:
  3. Freebet bonus: After creating a new account and verifying your phone number with
    Esporte11, you get a 30$R bonus.
  4. Invite a friend bonus: You get a bonus of 150$R when you invite a friend to join
    Esporte11 and play the sportsbook and casino games.
  5. Hit the biggest odd: The competition winner gets 200,000$R
  6. Mystery bonus: The winner gets 10,000$R

Here’s a sneak peak of Esporte11’s bonuses:

Esporte11000002, Live Cricket Streaming

You may activate your bonus directly while making a deposit. Additionally, ensure that you’re
familiar with the policies around each bonus before placing your bet.
User Account
To use this site effectively and more seamlessly, you need to have a registered account. Opening
an Esporte11 account is free. Having one allows you to place bets on all of the site’s products,
like live casino games and others such as Hot Balloon, Slots, Caribbean Stud, Baccarat, Pai Gow,
and more, to earn real money.
You don’t have to worry about sharing your personal information when registering. The site uses
state-of-the-art technology to store your information safely, and so it’ll never leak to malicious
third parties. Some of the security tools used include:
● Encryption services between your browser and the site’s server. These protect your
private and sensitive information like credit card records.
● Complex and verified firewall systems.
However, you can only register for an account if you’re over 18. Once you register, you’ll be
sent an activation link. Click it and join other users for a fun-filled experience.
Customer Service
Esporte11 has excellent customer support services. For any inquiry—such as deposit and
withdrawal issues that are common— you may write them a message on their chatbox. You’ll be
required to fill in your name and email address before drafting your message.
Alternatively, you can do it through the site’s Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram handles. You’ll
not only be able to forward your concerns, but you’ll also stay updated on the latest from the site.
Final Thoughts
From the information presented above, it’s safe to say that Esporte11 gives stiff competition to
many other sports websites. This is mainly because of the numerous attractive features that it
comes with. For starters, its visual aspect is nothing but appealing. It hooks you up the moment
you log in. Also, it offers a wide range of sports. There are dryland games, water games, snow
games, even virtual games. Whatever your interest is, be sure they got you covered.
And the fun doesn’t stop there yet. This site offers remarkable betting grounds for bettors.
Provided you meet the site’s conditions for betting, you can easily place your wagers on any
games on the site and wait for your luck. And the icing on the cake is the numerous promotions.
If you’re registered on the site and are active in your betting, you get to enjoy most of the
exciting bonuses from the sportsbooks and casinos. And the fact that registering with the site is a free and easy process makes you want to join it. Additionally, Esporte11 has active customer support systems who are always ready to respond to
any issue you might be having while using the site. Indeed, Esporte11 is a fun-filled world with lots of giveaways. Check it out and explore all that it
has to offer

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