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Dirty John Season 3: What Do We Know So Far

Dirty John is an American crime fiction book series television series premised on Christopher Goffard’s talk show of the very same name. The Show officially launched on 25th, November 2018. Alexandra Cunningham created the show, starring Connie Britton.

Later the show was announced to move from Bravo to USA Network.

Dirty John Season 3 Release Date

Regrettably, Dirty John has still not been definitively restored for season 3, yet no one directly implicated had also affirmed that yet another season will be on the way. It’s a bit of bad news for all the fans out there but there is no point in losing hope. As in one of the interviews, the series creator Alexandra Cunningham asserts there really are proposals to debate the concept of the new season.

What Is The Show All About?

So every season is based on an actual crime drama but also goes on to tell the incredible story of such a passion gone awry.

In Season 1

The very first season follows real-life fraudster John Meehan but his last victim, rich and powerful designer Debra Newell, who chose to marry John. Debra’s two daughters start realizing something might be way off the mark, as well as pretty shortly, John’s previous convictions enter the picture, and we are seeing vivid memories from his earlier days. The problem starts ever since they tie the knot, as well as afterward, John vows to somehow get clean from illicit substances but also make a fresh start alone.

Nevertheless, the above did not take place, and then in the ending, we had seen Debra bludgeoning John multiple times in retaliatory action again for damage john had already induced to her life.

In Season 2

The second season appears to follow Betty and Dan Broderick’s marriage. Betty had been convicted of her partner’s as well as his 2nd wife’s homicides. The couple tied the knot and also had 5 kids. Dan had quite a relationship with her associate, decided to marry her, as well as eventually admitted to extramarital affairs. This then led directly to their complicated judicial separation, custody disputes, and, ultimately, killing.


Where To Watch ‘Dirty John’?

Well, you can rewatch both seasons (it’s a great watch) on Netflix. Whilst still we do not really know if there would be a season 3, it is indeed worth mentioning that the very first season made its debut on Bravo in November 2018. This same second season originally aired on the USA Network in June 2020, over a year and a half. So, we still have hope for Season 3 of Dirty John.

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