Did Google Mean to Add a Pixel 6 Feature to Older Phones?

Did Google Mean to Add a Pixel 6 Feature to Older Phones?


The tech world has the business figured out at this point. To make money, companies continually release new, improved versions every year – but what happens when the great new features can be accessed on the older versions? Users and some experts reported that at least one new Pixel 6 feature is available on older devices. Is this what Google was planning?

New Pixel 6 Tensor Processor

There seems to be a battle of new processors. Apple debuted the M1 chip on its macOS last year, then added it to the new iPad Pros, and is now rumored to be working on a new chip for the iPhone.

The Pixel 6 line debuts the Tensor processor. It’s Google’s first crack at creating its own processor. There is much AI-based customization in the processor to aid the other new features in the camera, speech recognition, and gaming.

Pixel 6 Features Editing

Google boasted that the Tensor could be compared to the Qualcomm Snapdragon 888. It leads to speedier apps, smoother app switching, and an absence of stutters and hangups. It ranks much better than the Pixel 5 but still has a ways to go to be up to par with the M1.

Pixel 6 Magic Eraser Feature

One of the premium features of the Pixel 6 lineup is Magic Eraser. This Google Photos tool allows you to “erase” objects from a photo that you wish weren’t there. While there are some other apps that already do that, now you can do it right from Google Photos.

The Magic Eraser feature is only supposed to be available on the Pixel 6 and Pixel 6 Pro. But tech users are known for not just doing what they’re allowed to. It’s been pointed out on Xda Developers, on Twitter, and elsewhere on the Internet that it’s not an exclusive feature to the Pixel 6 line.

Mishaal Rahman tweeted, “As multiple users on the GoogleNews Telegram group have pointed out, it seems that Magic Eraser now works in Google Photos 5.24 on non-Pixel 6 devices w/ Pixel 6 props. YMMV as to its quality. I only tried with one photo, but others are getting better results with their own.”

Pixel 6 Features Magic Eraser

Magic Eraser is available on older Pixel phones upgraded to Android 12 if you download Google Photo 5.64 and a specific APK. While some users have reported it works on Android 11, others have said it doesn’t. It also doesn’t work on some other older devices running the Android 12 beta. Some, such as the Twitter user, have said they got it to work by rooting their phones and spoofing Pixel credentials with Pixel Props.

The Tensor Processor Takeaway

What this all comes down to is this: Google led the public to believe the Magic Eraser tool is a feature that needs the Tensor processor. That appears to not be true.

It also could mean that Google will be adding the Magic Eraser feature to Google Photos so that all users can use it and not just those on a Pixel 6.

At any rate, if you were looking to buy a Pixel 6 so that you could have this feature, it may not be necessary.

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