Crimo’s uncle says he saw no warning signs


An uncle of the man taken into custody in connection with the shooting told CNN he saw no warning signs that would prompt him to believe his nephew would have been involved in such a tragedy.

Paul A. Crimo said he spoke at length to law enforcement Monday about his nephew, Robert “Bobby” Crimo III, and said “(i)t seems like he is the suspect.”

“I’m heartbroken. I’m so heartbroken,” Paul said. “There were no signs that I saw that would make him do this.”

He said has not ever seen Bobby engage in any violence or concerning behavior. “I have nothing bad to say about him,” he said.

Paul said he does not know of any political views held by his nephew.

“He’s a quiet kid,” he said. “He’s usually on his own. He’s a lonely, quiet person. He keeps everything to himself.”

Bobby lives in an apartment behind the house owned by his father — and Paul’s brother — Robert Crimo Jr., he said. Paul also lives at the house in the city of Highwood, he said.

He never saw any friends coming over to Bobby’s place, he said, and to his knowledge, Bobby did not have a job, though he worked at Panera Bread before the coronavirus pandemic. Paul described him as active on YouTube.

“I associate with him, but I don’t really like to engage with him. I say hi and then when I leave I say bye. That’s it,” he said, though he noted he has known Bobby since he was born.

Paul said he last saw his nephew Sunday evening, when Bobby was sitting on a recliner in the house, looking at his computer. He said when he came home, Bobby was probably in his room. “Everything was as normal,” he said.

Paul said he spoke to the FBI around 2:30 p.m. Monday after he returned home and they “ran me through the ringer.” His brother, who was not at home at the time, gave law enforcement officials permission to search the home, he said.

“We are good people here, and to have this is devastating,” Paul told CNN, also noting his brother once ran for mayor. “I’m so heartbroken for all the families who lost their lives.” 


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