Cricket Games to Warm You up for the Next Cricket Tournament


Cricket is one of the most popular sports in the world. Millions of fans enjoy this sport as it has had many events and matches throughout the years. As a fan, you might be looking forward to seeing your favorite player or team play in the next tournament.

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The thing about cricket tournaments is that they come and go. You’ll need to wait a bit before one starts, or you’re just looking for an exciting cricket experience. So, you can try some cricket games as they keep you occupied. Here are some suggestions:

World Cricket Battle 2

This game is a cricket title you can enjoy on your phone. In other words, you can enjoy it on the go. World Cricket Battle 2 has nice visuals and mechanics and features the T20 cricket leagues. Another exciting thing about it is that it lets you enjoy Career Mode with a player. But if you’re looking for a challenge, you can go for the multiplier section of the game. In other words, you can enjoy a solo mode or prove your skills are up to the task by defeating other players.

Cricket 22

Unlike the previous entry, Cricket 22 is a game you can enjoy on your PC, Xbox, or PlayStation console. The game takes the virtual cricket experience to the next level. It lets you enjoy various leagues such as Australia’s Big Bash T20 competition, competitions in England and Wales, the Hundred, and others. Couple that with modern graphics and a selection of smooth mechanics, and you’ve got yourself a great title in Cricket 22.

Real Cricket 20

The thing about Real Cricket 20 is that it lets you experience all aspects of cricket. So, you can take the role of a manager and be part of auctions where you can buy players and upgrade your team. Alternatively, you can take on other players that also enjoy the game. You can enjoy a 1vs1 or 2vs2 matches, and you can coordinate with your friends and play a co-op match too. You can also spectate your friends’ matches. In short, Real Cricket 20 covers all the bases.

World Cricket Championship 3

Creating and managing your cricket team is something you can do in World Cricket Championship 2. The Career Mode is another way to enjoy this game as you go from match to match and tournament to tournament so your team can hold the cup. The game also features professional commentary, which is why it’s so special. Just like Real Cricket 20, this one is another mobile-friendly title.


These four games are only the tip of the iceberg. They will keep you engaged until the next cricket tournament. Moreover, you can go for one or all of them. Alternatively, you can find other ones that suit your needs.


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