Chris Jericho Isn’t Interested in Having the Same Matches in WWE


In 2019, Chris Jericho joined AEW at the promotion’s launch event and has consistently been one of the company’s top stars.

Later that year, Jericho would become the first AEW World Champion, and his work as part of the Inner Circle and later the Jericho Appreciation Society has kept him a fixture on TV.

Returning to WWE

Jericho has been a fixture of AEW for over three years now, but there are still some fans who hope to see him in WWE again.

It was in WWE that Jericho became a nine-time Intercontinental Champion (a record that stands to this day) and the first-ever WWE Undisputed Champion.

On Twitter, a fan suggested to Jericho that a return to WWE would be good for him, and that matches pitting Jericho against AJ Styles or Kevin Owens would be ‘fire.’

In response, Jericho pointed out that these matches have happened, multiple times.

Jericho was the first major feud for Styles after the former TNA Wrestling star joined WWE in 2016.

Jericho Vs. Owens

Fans won’t be seeing Chris Jericho face Kevin Owens in WWE, but this is a match fans have seen before.

In 2017, the former friends feuded after Jericho cost Owens the Universal Championship, payback for Owens attacking Y2J during the Festival of Friendship.

In an interview with TalkSport last year, Jericho said that there had been plans for him Vs. Owens for the Universal Championship as the main event of WrestleMania 33.

After realizing WWE did not care about the feud, which saw Owens beat Jericho for the U.S. Title at WrestleMania, the AEW star said he knew it was time to finish with WWE.


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