Booker T On AEW Star Thunder Rosa’s Back Injury


Two-time WWE Hall of Famer Booker T recently took to his “Hall Of Fame” podcast, where he spoke about a number of topics such as fellow WWE Hall of Famer Kurt Angle feeling uncomfortable in his storyline with Booker’s wife Sharmell.

Booker T said:

“Kurt Angle, he beats himself up because of that angle, because you know, it had sex involved and he’s stalking, but Kurt Angle never touched Sharmell once. Never once. We were never in a position where, you know, anything could not have remotely happened. Sharmell is an actress. She’s an actor, you know what I mean? Some of the stuff I hear her, you know, sometimes I walk in, and she’s, you know, sitting on the sofa, crying. I’m like, ‘What’s going?’ She said, “I’m practicing for a role.”

Booker T also spoke about AEW Women’s World Champion Thunder Rosa’s back injury.

Booker T said:

“One thing I did hear that I want to talk about for a second was Thunder Rosa was down with an injury, a back injury. I’m gonna tell you right now, I know a little bit about back injuries. Man, I had a back injury once and I had to lie in bed for two months straight. I had to have an epidural. I had to have two of those. I was so afraid, because I actually got a chance to see how big the needle was, and I was like, good God.”

“To tell you how bad my pain was, just say for instance, I could just lie in the bed and I would try to exercise my right leg by raising my feet up, maybe six inches off the bed. If I would put a sheet, just a regular sheet over my foot, I could not lift it at all. That’s how much pain I was in. For a month, I had to literally get out of bed and hold on to the wall just to get to the kitchen. I held on to the stairs or onto the wall. You know, that’s how bad I wanted to walk. I thought my wrestling career was over.”

“So I could sympathize with someone like Thunder Rosa and her having a back injury. I hope one would take that in consideration what something like that could actually feel like and what one could actually be going through when dealing with something like that. I’m just saying it from experience. So hopefully she’ll get back on track real soon because she was always good to us at Reality of Wrestling. She always showed up and she always did a hell of a job.”

You can check out WWE Hall of Famer Booker T’s comments in the video below. H/T to for transcribing the above quotes.


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