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Bobby Lashley took a nasty fall after rope breaks at WWE live event in Newcastle, England

Bobby Lashley took a hard fall out of the ring today at the WWE live event in Newcastle, England.

As seen below, Lashley was in the ring with Drew McIntyre. Lashley slipped out of a power move and then hit the ropes just as it looked like McIntyre was setting up for the Claymore.

Instead, Lashley crashed to the outside because the top rope broke. The way Lashley fell, it looked like his body folded up. On the other side of the ring, McIntyre braced himself and was able to prevent himself from falling out of the ring.

According to fans at the show, Lashley seemed to be okay after the unfortunate accident and he continued on with the match. We’ll post updates when we hear more.

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