Big ticket UAE: A man from Kerala won Rs 20 Crores

A 42-year-old Oman-based Keralite has won the prize of 10 million Dirham (Rs 20,22,90,913) in the Big Ticket Abu Dhabi series 234 draw hung on Friday, December 3, 2021.

What did big ticket winner tell?

The champ of the draw was Renjith Venugopalan Unnithan, who hails from Kerala’s Kollam region and has been living in Oman for the beyond 12 years, and fills in as a bookkeeper in a land organization. He told that he will impart the prize cash to five of his companions in Oman.

“I have been in Oman for the beyond 12 years. Be that as it may, I took my first Big Ticket very nearly two years back — I don’t recall the date, in those days I got it just to open my record in Big Ticket. I and a couple of my companions had pooled in the means to purchase that ticket. Be that as it may, we weren’t fortunate, and afterward, I had quit partaking until the month before. I thought to attempt a subsequent opportunity to check whether 2021 is fortunate for me or not — I am happy it was.

He intends to utilize the prize cash to get his girl’s schooling. He likewise plans to fabricate a house for his family back home in Kerala.

The second prize of 1 million Dirham (Rs 2,05,47,360) likewise went to another Indian ex-pat, Abdul Majeed, who is an occupant of Al Ain.

To buy this and a Dream Car ticket, members can visit their stores at Abu Dhabi International Airport, Al Ain Airport, or online on the Big Ticket site.

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