Best sandwiches in Dubai: Sandwich day is today!!

Best sandwiches in Dubai: Sandwich day is today!!


A sandwich a day keeps all your cravings ideally satisfied and also away! Because what more would you need to fulfil your stomach rumbles when you have the best and the most relishable sandwiches in Dubai? So, as sandwich day is today, here are the best sandwiches in Dubai that you can find and fancy.

 The name of Reif Othman is popular among the foodies of Dubai. And when we are talking about sandwiches, the taste of the Chicken Katsu is absolutely inimitable. Loaded with juicy chicken and wrapped with creamy mayo, this sandwich is going to head the list of your favourite foods from the very moment you take the first bite of bite. With each bite, you would be relishing the rich and delicious ingredients filled in between the two soft sandwich slices of bread. And, this undoubtedly makes you come back to this place more and more.

Venue: Dar Wasl Mall – Al Wasl Rd – Al Wasl 

Time: 12 pm- 11 pm; while on Thursdays to Saturdays it is from 8.30 am- 12 am

As the name suggests its styles, you will have an unforgettable taste of the Vietnamese cuisine in this sandwich. Also, you are flooded with equally delectable options. Like, you can choose beef meatballs or lemongrass grilled chicken. Or, you can fancy your taste buds with cheese, cream and Portobello mushrooms as well. Last but not least, you can choose the size of your sandwich, whether you want to savour on 6 inches long or 12-inch long roll that serves as a ticket to a paradise of deliciousness!

Vemue: multiple locations

Time: 11.30 am- 11 pm

This place is the first focacceria of Dubai, and thus, is the abode to all the delectable slices of bread of Italy. This place runs on just three features, which are artisan focaccia, burrata, and tiramisu. And among all the mouth-watering dishes, the Mediterranea focaccia wins. You can not help but get mesmerised at the heavenly taste of the fresh, juicy buffalo mozzarella finely blended with the essence of olive oil, fresh basils and ripened tomatoes! So, prepare to get mesmerised when you take the very first bite of this sandwich.

Venue: 51 Al Wasl Rd – Jumeirah 1 

Time: 10 am- 11 pm

Enjoy this delicious. Smoky and juicy sandwich that will make you crave for it every day! The taste of it will never leave your lips or your memory because it is made and home-smoked by none other than Hattem Mattar. You will be relishing the smoky, juicy sandwich, blended with the taste of creamy melted cheese and punch of the tastiest pickles. Thus, it is no wonder that your mouth will have a burst of flavour blend together as you munch on this sandwich.

Venue: Mina Jebel Ali – Jebel Ali Industrial

Time: 11 am- 9 pm

This award-winning sandwich will be making the most special palace in your cravings’ list right from the first time you try it out. Taking a bite of this sandwich is like taking a walk on the roads of a paradise of delicious and flavours. The sandwich consists of two large sourdough slices, and in between, them resides the real magic. There is the juicy meat blended with the fresh onion jam, Italian-styled pickles and horseradish aioli. Once you take its first bite, you will know the reason why it is an award-winning dish.

Venue:  Mercato Mall, Ground Floor – Jumeirah St

Time: 9 am- 10.45 pm

These are the best sandwiches in Dubai that will make your mealtime the favourite part of the day. So take a walk in the heavenly paradise created by the magic of these soft pieces of bread as you relish on these delectably best sandwiches of Dubai.


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