Babar Azam’s mother discharged from hospital

Babar Azam’s mother discharged from hospital


Babar Azam poses for a picture with his mother. Photo: Babar Azam Twitter
Babar Azam poses for a picture with his mother. Photo: Babar Azam Twitter

Pakistan cricket team’s skipper Babar Azam’s mother has been discharged from the hospital and is on the path to recovery. 

The news was shared by Babar Azam’s manager, Talha Aisham, on Instagram. 

“Alhamdulillah, the mother of Kaptaan Babar Azam is home and recovering well with your prayers,” he wrote. “We, as a family, are grateful to everyone for their gracious prayers and love. Shukriya and Duaain,” he wrote. 

Aisham also shared a picture of the Pakistani skipper in which he can be seen standing with his mother and father. 

Earlier, Babar Azam’s father shared on Instagram that while his son had played a stellar inning against India, he was under immense pressure as his mother was ill. 

Azam Siddique, Babar Azam’s father, had announced that the nation should also know about the test that the Azam family was going through while the entire world was lauding the cricketer for his phenomenal performance in all three matches — against India, New Zealand, and Afghanistan, which Pakistan had won.

“Congratulations to the nation for Pakistan’s win in all three matches. Our family was put through a tough test during this time as, on the day of the match against India, Babar’s mother was in critical condition and had an operation,” Siddique wrote on Instagram as he shared an endearing picture of the star player, posing with his family.

“Babar played these three matches under great distress. I shouldn’t have gone to watch the match [considering the situation] but I didn’t want Babar to feel weak.”

Pakistan cricket team’s management had also confirmed that Azam’s mother is now recovering, adding that she was on a ventilator on the day of the match.

The player is very close to his mother as evident from an old tweet that recently resurfaced on social media.

Last year, he shared a tweet on Mother’s Day in which he expressed love to his mother and shared a photo with her.

Babar Azam has led Pakistan to victories so far over India, New Zealand and Afghanistan. Pakistan remain on top in their group after three victories. 


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