Babar Azam Lands In Support Of Virat Kohli Amid Criticism For His Poor Form

Babar Azam lands in support of Virat Kohli amid criticism for his poor form: Pakistan national cricket team skipper Babar Azam won the hearts of people on social media after he posted a heart-warming picture of him and Indian former skipper, Virat Kohli, on his Twitter account, supporting the latter amid his poor form in international cricket. Kohli, who is going through the toughest phase in his career, has been specifically targeted for his place in the Indian team despite not performing adequately.

Virat made his comeback to the Indian ODI side after recovering from a mild groin niggle in the second match against England at Lord’s London. Though the maestro Indian batter started off his innings fluently, he again fell against an outside-off delivery from David Willey.


Following his reckless dismissal at a score of 16, Babar Azam tweeted a picture captioning, “This too shall pass. Stay strong. #ViratKohli.”

The act has been hailed by netizens and experts from all across the globe.

Although initially there was no reaction from Virat Kohli to the tweet of his Pakistani counterpart, recently he responded to the tweet writing, “Thank you. Keep shining and rising. Wish you all the best.”

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Babar Azam explained his thought process behind the tweet and why he landed in support of Virat Kohli. During the press conference before Pakistan and Sri Lanka test in Galle, Azam said, “As a player myself, I know you can go through such a phase (out of form) and I also know what a player goes through in such a phase. In those times, you need support. I just tweeted thinking that it will give just some support. He is one of the best players.”

“He is playing a lot of cricket and he knows how to come out of these situations. It takes time, if you back players, it will be really good,” he added.

Interestingly, Rohit Sharma has also talked in support of his teammate saying form can fluctuate but the quality can never go down. Sharma has indirectly asserted that he is going to back Kohli despite the string of poor scores.

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