Axiom Arrives In WWE NXT 2.0, News on His Unique Ring Entrance and Name Change

Axiom has officially arrived in WWE NXT 2.0.

This week’s NXT episode saw the former A-Kid re-debut with the new gimmick of Axiom. He defeated Dante Chen in singles action.

WWE noted in their official match recap, “Axiom stunned and delighted the NXT Universe in attendance during his debut match against Dante Chen. The masked Superstar took some stiff shots from the larger Chen, but he quickly learned from his mistakes and changed the momentum with an acrobatic DDT. With Chen stunned, Axiom sprung into action with a quick flurry of offense capped off by a top-rope crossbody splash before tagging Chen with a flying kick to record a debut victory.”

Axiom’s unique ring entrance especially received positive feedback on social media. The entrance includes AR elements and other graphics. You can see the entrance below.

Oxford defines Axiom as “a statement or proposition which is regarded as being established, accepted, or self-evidently true,” or in what is more fitting for the Axiom character, the word, in mathematics, is defined as “a statement or proposition on which an abstractly defined structure is based.”

WWE began airing the Axiom vignettes two weeks back. The first vignette did not include the mask, just a man who was clearly A-Kid. The second vignette featured the man under the mask. He recalled how he used comics to escape chaos as a child, and how he realized he could be his own superhero. Axiom noted in the second vignette, which aired last week, how comics were his scrape from reality growing up, and how he learned to fight, then wondered if he could emulate his idols by taking the leap from the page to reality, and becoming everything he always wanted to be – his own superhero. Axiom then declared that he remains anonymous because it’s not about him, it’s about everyone else. In the first vignette, Axiom noted how he was a very bright child, but that got him and other smart kids bullied, so he decided to do something about it and he learned how to fight back. He knew it would take a lot to escape his environment, but he had a gift for mathematics, and for breaking everything down to a formula when he closed his eyes. Axiom also said in that first vignette that he believes there is a solution to every problem, and while he’s been told he’s technically gifted in the ring, everything comes down to a solution, whether it’s mathematics or physics. Axiom wrapped that first promo by saying when the body fails, the mind can push you to new heights.

WWE previously began airing vignettes for A-Kid’s arrival on the NXT 2.0 brand back in early March. He made his 2.0 debut on the March 15 episode, defeating Kushida in what was his final singles match for the company. A-Kid then came up short against Grayson Waller on the March 22 NXT 2.0 show, and then worked a Triple Threat on the March 29 episode, with Roderick Strong and winner Cameron Grimes.

Until now, A-Kid had been away from NXT 2.0 since that Triple Threat on March 22. Before he debuted on NXT 2.0 during the March 15 show, he lost to Charlie Dempsey on the March 10 NXT UK show. He then teamed with Saxon Huxley for a loss to Dempsey and Rohan Raja on the March 24 NXT UK show, and lost to Teoman on the April 14 NXT UK show, which were taped around the time the singles loss to Dempsey was. A-Kid returned to London, England after that last NXT 2.0 Triple Threat as he worked the NXT UK TV tapings held in late April. He continued the feud with Die Familie by losing to Dempsey again, this time in a British Rounds Match, that aired on the May 26 episode. He was away from WWE TV until the loss to Dempsey on the May 26 show, until this week’s re-debut as Axiom.

It’s believed that A-Kid was re-packaged as Axiom because he used the A-Kid name around the world before WWE signed him in April 2019.

The former A-Kid is still using his @AKidWrestler Twitter account, where he re-tweeted WWE’s clip of Axiom’s entrance. WWE has also launched an official Twitter account for the masked Superstar located at @Axiom_WWE.

Stay tuned to for more on Axiom. Below are related shots from the debut, along with full video:

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