Adam Cole Debuts Halo’s Master Chief Gear in AEW Revolution


Adam Cole adds a little spice to the AEW World Championship 

AEW is growing as a franchise and the amount of flexibility they give to their stars is one of the reasons why. Previously stars who have made the switch from the WWE to the AEW have gone on to say that the organization gives more freedom in terms of developing your storyline.

We have seen surprising entries in the AEW previously too. CM Punk shocked the crowd when he entered the Arena on the entry track of his opponent.

Adam Cole decided to pull a little stunt of his own and wore Halo’s Master Chief Gear to his match against Adam Page. Sadly the Master Chief suit couldn’t help Cole win as Adam Page outlasted him to retain the

Adam Cole displayed Halo’s Master Chief Gear before his championship match 

Cole had previously confessed his love for the game. The superstar said that growing up he was a big fan and spent many hours enjoying the game. This was his statement about the whole scenario.

“I am absolutely loving it. So again, I’ve been waiting for the next Halo since 2015 when Halo 5 dropped. I put hours and hours and hours into that game’s multiplayer.

I played every single Halo campaign, so I had a lot of high expectations for Infinite, you know, especially for the campaign. I love a good story-driven FPS or a good story-driven game in general, and the Halo lore and the Halo universe have always been so fascinating to me.”


Cole revealed what he thought the new Halo TV series at Paramount+ should bring over from the games as well, “I think it’s really important to still make the Master Chief someone that everyone admires and really looks towards as like ‘This guy helped us save humanity.’” he began.

“So  I don’t know how involved if at all, the Master Chief is really going to be a focal point within this television series. But I want him to feel really special.

It was clear how much Adam Cole is involved in the attention to detail of the game. His love for the Master Chief is what inspired him to show his hottest piece of property as he wore the Master Chief’s gear to the match.

Unfortunately, there is some bad news for Adam and other Halo fans 

The update begins by revealing that Season 2, dubbed Lone Wolves, is releasing on May 3rd. Fans were hoping that the co-op campaign and Forge mode would also be finally released on May 3 after being pitched for Season 2.

However, that is not the case because they’ve both been delayed, again. That’s right, after delaying this very roadmap earlier in the year, 343 Industries has dropped the roadmap just to reveal the two things everyone has been waiting for have been delayed again.


Although the fans are excited about the new Arena map named Catalyst and a new BTB map named Breaker. Although, the fans won’t be satisfied, for now, this will have to do.


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