9 best leggings on Amazon in 2022 you have to try

If there was ever a perfect place to find leggings, it’s on Amazon. With every plausible categorization, from breathable nonslip to compression pocketed, there’s something for everyone. But a quick Amazon search for leggings yields over 40,000 product results, which can be pretty overwhelming. Luckily, we spoke with personal trainers, athleticwear designers and fitness instructors to get the scoop on what you should look for to find the best quality leggings on Amazon.

Experts agree that the type of activity you’re doing matters. For example, when sprinting or boxing, USA Boxing coach and FightCamp trainer Jess Evans recommends a thicker form-fitting waistband. “A thin waistband squeezes your waist instead of supporting it. I prefer a snug waistband for running or jumping,” she says.

For Jordan Robbins, founder and CEO of Revly Sport, material is key. “Whether I am wearing leggings to a HIIT class or running errands, I don’t want to worry about them ripping,” she says. She recommends a compressing nylon-spandex blend. On the other hand, distance runners should prioritize finding lightweight leggings with sweat-wicking material.

With comfort, functionality, material, style and price in mind, here’s what these fitness experts recommend.

$24.99 at Amazon

These are some of the most popular and highly rated leggings on Amazon, and with over 30,000 5-star reviews, Evans approves their popularity. She seeks out a sweatproof, stretchy, form-fitting fabric for training and filming workouts in the FightCamp studios. For her active lifestyle, she chooses these leggings because she says they are flattering, hide sweat, stay in place and have side pockets for carrying phones, keys and credit cards.

From $22.98 at Amazon

Probably the most affordable leggings you’ll find without sacrificing flexibility, softness and functionality, Evans recommends them for high impact workouts. A bonus: You can mix and match colors and patterns. Since there are three pairs in a pack, you can choose a pattern for every occasion!

$25.95 at Amazon

Ribbed leggings like these are seamless, making them squat proof and suitable for most other activities (including lounging!), according to Evans. For outdoor summer workouts, the Suuksess brand also has ribbed shorts to keep you cool during exercise.

From $29.99 at Amazon

Who doesn’t love a matching workout set? As a former Division 1 athlete, Robbins has done a fair amount of intense training. Out of all the leggings she’s tried, the ribbed Sportneer leggings are a personal favorite. “I love that they are seamless and are made of a compressing nylon spandex blend,” she says.

$29.99 $24.99 at Amazon

‘Pattern’ is in the name, but go check them out for yourself. Whether you prefer animal, floral or camo print, Colorfulkoala has it all. With these patterns, you can strut into the gym feeling bold and confident. Robbins equates them to Lululemon leggings because of the smooth, breathable fabric that hugs in the right places without squeezing. She wears them for hot yoga in particular and recommends them for sweat-heavy activities.

$22.99 at Amazon

Team USA heptathlete Chari Hawkins also vouches for Colorfulkoala leggings. She seeks out a soft lightweight material for optimal running performance. Sweat invisibility is also a determining factor for Hawkins on her legging search. “Throughout my practices, I run, jump, throw, sprint and SWEAT!” she says. “There is a 0% chance I will wear a pair of leggings that show sweat marks. It’s good for me, but also great for everyone else.”

$12.99 at Amazon

A bestseller on Amazon, these leggings are sleek with a firm waistband. “I always look for leggings that stay put. I can’t stand having to pull them up every two seconds,” Chari says. Neither can we.

$26.99 at Amazon

Julie Bobek, a Flexit trainer holding eight different training certifications, hosts classes in functional mobility, HIIT, boxing, pilates, barre, bootcamp, spin and more. If anyone has insight on versatile leggings, it’s Bobek. Her top criteria are pockets, 4-way stretch capabilities, and a flat back. These leggings have it all plus a bonus: The brand has 51 different color options.

$22.98 at Amazon

Another ideal choice if you want a secure waistband that is close-fitted but not too tight. Bobek loves the thick material of these particular leggings. “One of my clients referred me to this brand and I couldn’t be happier,” she says.

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