7 Free Music Download Apps for Android and iOS

7 Free Music Download Apps for Android and iOS


We’re well into the streaming generation of media consumption with music downloads in the age of Spotify, and it’s starting to feel a bit like DVDs in the age of Netflix. With that said, there’s just something reassuring about having your music right there on your device without having to worry about the vagaries of bad Internet connections or keeping yourself entertained on long-haul flights. You probably want a music download app for your mobile phone to download music to your device.

Here are our favorite music download apps for Android and iOS that won’t cost you a penny.

Note: several of the Android apps need to be downloaded from outside the Play Store and will require you to allow unknown sources on Android.

1. Fildo

Available on: Android

There are two different versions of the Fildo app – one is the “Music Player” on the Play Store, but this won’t get you the MP3 downloader you’re looking for. To get the version of Fildo that lets you download free music, you need to install the APK from the official Fildo site.

Free Music Download Apps Mobile Fildo

Once you have that, use the in-app search to look for specific songs or albums you want to look for. You can also use the various “Top” charts from various music sites that the app integrates with if you want to explore the hits.

Search for the album or song you want, press the “+” icon at the top-right corner, then choose the relevant option to either download the music, create a playlist or listen to it right then. The app also allows you to create playlists and gives you access to lyrics. The songs you download will be saved to your device’s internal storage, so you can access them even without the app.

2. Audiomack

Available on: Android, iOS

If you want to know that the music you’re downloading isn’t going to be infringing on any copyright and are also open to checking out emerging talent in the Hip-Hop, Electronic, and Reggae arenas, then give Audiomack a try.

Free Music Download Apps Mobile Audiomack

This app gives a platform to artists without official distribution outlets while still having a content-filtering system in place to make sure the stuff on there is of good quality. This good-willed project has already propelled hip-hop stars like T-Wayne, Fetty Wap, and Migos to record label deals and gives you a chance to help find the next big star.

3. YMusic

Available on: Android

One of the more elegant and official-looking music downloader apps, YMusic lets you play any YouTube video as an audio file, even letting you run it in the background on your phone.

Free Music Download Apps Mobile Ymusic

The real kicker here is that you can also download videos as audio files. You have the option to download them in the M4A and MP3 formats, and it has a great library UI that subsequently lets you manage your music files just like you would in a music player app. Downloaded songs are saved to your phone, so you can easily access them via your favorite music player.

Of all the options on this list, YMusic is hands-down the most convenient (although you do have to download it from outside the Play Store) and most reliable. For those reasons, it rates highest on our list.

4. NewPipe

Available on: Android

NewPipe is another app that does the job when it comes to downloading music. It’s open source and is constantly being improved. It features support for SoundCloud, MediaCCC, Bandcamp, and FramaTube downloads as well (all in beta currently).

Free Music Download Apps Mobile Newpipe

By default, the app opens as a YouTube frontend. Simply select the video you want to download, then click the download icon at the top right and choose whether you want it downloaded as video or audio and what format you want it in.

To change over to SoundCloud or Bandcamp, tap the menu icon at the top-left corner, then the big red “NewPipe” icon at the top and select the desired service.

5. GTunes Music Downloader

Available on: Android

GTunes is another app you’ll have to get off the Play Store that searches through several big domains of downloadable music for your queries – you’ll find millions of artists and songs across generations. The search options are pretty rudimentary, so this is best used if you know exactly what songs you’re looking for and just want to get out there and download them. It’s not the greatest app for music discovery, so if you’re into that, we suggest you pick one of the other options on the list.

Free Music Download Apps Mobile Gtunes

GTunes has its own built-in player, too, and even lets you trim your tunes and set songs as ringtones. It’s all pretty basic stuff but rounds it up to a decent little package.

6. SONGily

Available on: Android

The free version of SONGily is ad-supported and has access to a healthy stockpile of music, new and old, from artists both mainstream and obscure, from chart music to sea shanties. With each song you find, you’ll see options to both play and download the songs you listen to, and they recently added a feature that lets you download videos as well.

Free Music Download Apps Mobile Songily

This is exactly the kind of app that I can imagine Google not liking too much, so don’t be too surprised if it disappears from the Play Store and you find yourself having to download it manually.

7. TubeMate

Available on: Android

Sometimes the best apps for your free music downloads are those that aren’t even designed specifically for that purpose. TubeMate is an app that lets you download YouTube videos in a number of formats, including audio only. As you’re probably aware, YouTube is one of the best places to listen to your favorite music, and thanks to TubeMate, it’s one of the best places to download that music, too.

Best Third Party Youtube Apps Mobile Tubemate

You can download TubeMate from the official site (Google doesn’t allow this in the Play Store, presumably because it encroaches on YouTube). When you try to download videos as audio (M4A or MP3), you’ll also get prompted to download MP3 Video Converter, which syncs with TubeMate to convert video to audio.

Frequently Asked Questions

1. I just downloaded an apk file but can’t find it on my Android device. What now?

Finding downloaded files on your phone is not always super straightforward. If you’re having troubles, check out our guide on how to find downloaded files on any Android device.

2. Why aren’t apps like Spotify or Trebel included in this list?

We’ve only included apps which allow users to download music to their device. This allows them to access the songs even without the apps.

3. Where can I get more open-source apps for my Android?

If you tried NewPipe and enjoyed using it, you may be looking to expand your open-source app library. Learn how to get more apps like this by reading our in-depth guide on F-Droid.

4. Why aren’t more iOS apps on the list?

Downloading videos from websites such as YouTube/Facebook/Dailymotion is prohibited by the Apple App Store guidelines. At the same time, some of the Android apps included in the list are in conflict with Google. For instance, NewPipe accesses YouTube without using the API or displaying advertisements.

Next Steps

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