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5 Things that must happen

Wrestlemania Backlash can be looked at as a continuance of the Showcase of the Immortals. Most rivalries that were inconclusive will likely be wrapped up this Sunday. This could also be the last time we see pairings due to roster shakeups in the near future.

Five things to make Wrestlemania Backlash a hit

Wrestlemania Backlash could also be the event where new challengers emerge in the mid-card picture for Austin Theory and Ricochet. Or where our women’s tag-team champions can be greeted by a new duo in Doudrop and Nicki A.S.H. With the card still taking form, a divorce segment between Reggie and Dana Brook is also a possibility. All in all these five things must happen to put a bow on Mania season and move into the summer.

Cody and Seth go 1 for 1

Since Cody Rhodes’s return to WWE, he is firmly positioned as a top babyface in the entire company. His story about his journey back and wanting to gain the title his father never won is something to build upon. In all reality, he’s the only superstar that currently makes sense to dethrone Roman Reigns based on the redemption story alone. Which makes keeping him out of the title picture very important.

Seth Rollins is the perfect antagonist to Rhodes and this rivalry shouldn’t stop any time soon. Typically Wrestlemania Backlash ties up loose ends, not here. Rollins absolutely has to get a victory here to validate his claims of not having preparation. The finale to this feud should take place in Hell in a Cell in June.

Elias makes an appearance

The arrival of Elias’ little brother Ezekiel is one of the best things going in WWE. The determination of Kevin Owens to get the truth has produced great segments that don’t involve wrestling. There’s no telling how long WWE can keep this up but they absolutely should.

While neither Ezekiel nor Kevin Owens penciled in for action Sunday they should have interaction. Ezekiel has passed a lie detector test and is adamant about his identity. Sunday should provide an opportunity for the brothers to be in the same room. In the past, we’ve had two Undertakers, and two Doink the Clown’s on screen. Here’s another opportunity for magic as Ezekiel can prove he is who he says he is. At the very least Ezekiel should have Kevin Owens facetime Elias from his phone to continue this bit.

Lashley gest Hurt Lock on Omos

Babyface Bobby is in full effect, and the All-Mighty hung the first L on Omos resume at Wrestlemania. Omos has been the only man on the roster to make Lashley look less than herculean. The sky is the limit for Omos with a valuable manager like MVP in his corner. Lashley got the victory at Mania and won the arm wrestling contest on Raw, but Omos is often standing tall in the aftermath.

Despite the victor on Sunday, the element of fear should be put in Omos when Lashley manages to put him in the Hurt Lock submission. While it might not be enough to defeat the giant, it will provide an impactful moment in the arena when Omos face shows he’s riddled with fear and appears human.

Judgement Day expands

AJ Styles will finally get his hands on Edge without the looming presence of Damian Priest as he’s barred from ringside. The odds were also recently evened with Styles getting an assist from Bullet Club mate Finn Balor. Balor has had his issues with Priest in the past during his US title run. Great use of long-term booking from Styles and Balor’s match at TLC in 2017.

Speculation has already begun about Balor turning on Styles here, and Edge holding the master key to the Demon. The use of Balor in his second main roster run has been wildly inconsistent, so this would be a welcome fresh start from fans. However, what if Balor wasn’t the new member of Judgement Day just yet? It’s been rumored for some time that Rhea Ripley or Tommasso Ciampa could be in the mix for Edge’s stable. I’d also like to add Alexa Bliss to that hat. Bliss has been waiting in the wings for a return and her last appearance saw her still donning her Fiend gimmick attire. Bank on Judgement Day growing but do not be surprised if Balor isn’t the one joining.

Drew pins Roman

This is a lofty one here but would build a ton of buzz around the main event if executed. Never mind the reason the tag-team unification got canceled, here we are with a six-man tag featuring the tribal chief. In preparing for the eventual Roman and Drew feud, a pinfall victory would give Mcintyre the heat in this rivalry.

It has been a while since Mcintyre was a staple of the main event picture, and writers did a good job at keeping him relevant in that absence. Drew never got to be a champion in front of the fans, and time will tell as to when he will. This is a great start to building to that moment. Roman Reigns has not been pinned since December 2019, and if Brock Lesnar wasn’t worthy of the accolade then Mcintyre is a viable choice. It’s also important to note this is the safest way to make this happen due to it being a tag and not a singles match. You want to get people talking, have the tribal chief eat a pin.


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