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10 Things Fans Should Know About NJPW’s Will Ospreay

Will Ospreay might not be a name that every casual fan is aware of just yet, there is no doubt that he is one of the best wrestlers in the world today. From dominating the British independent scene to becoming one of the top stars in New Japan Pro Wrestling, the talented Englishman has got all the ability.

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He has developed a terrific character as well, showcasing his personality along the way, and there is no doubt he is going to continue being one of the big stars for the next decade. But, there is lots to learn about Ospreay for those that aren’t quite as familiar with him.

10 Wrestlers Putting A Word In For Him

Will Ospreay is part of the New Japan Pro Wrestling roster, and he is now one of the top stars in the business, and the company. He has been pushed massively by New Japan, but when it came to him getting signed, it was three other big stars who pushed for that.

AJ Styles, Kazuchika Okada, and Hiroshi Tanahashi pushed the company to bring in Ospreay, as all three of them saw his talent, and thought ht was something special. The fact that some of the best wrestlers in the world saw his talent showcases just how good he is.

9 His Childhood Hero

Something that makes him getting signed to New Japan Pro Wrestling so special in the manner that he did was because AJ Styles was his childhood hero. He was the man that Will Ospreay watched, and was inspired by to follow, and the fact he helped him get to New Japan brings them together.

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Ospreay does have aspects of AJ within his style, which comes from the striking ability that he provides, and the high-flying elements that he is able to blend in as well.


8 He Feuded With Vader

Vader is a legend of the professional wrestling business, and one of the hardest-hitting wrestlers of all time. This is one of the reasons why he didn’t like Will Ospreay’s famous match with Ricochet in 2016. The two of them ended up having an online argument over Twitter, which caught some attention.

However, the two of them made the most out of their fallout, and they ended up having a match. It was late on in Vader’s career, and it is something some fans might not know about, with the two competing in England.

7 His Issues With Seth Rollins

Vader is not the only major wrestling name that Will Ospreay has had issues with via social media. He had a responded to Seth Rollins claiming that WWE had the best wrestling in the business, and Ospreay simply pointed out that he was alive.

Things quickly escalated, with Rollins ending up claiming that Ospreay should check his bank account at proof. The argument was a heated one on Twitter that went back and forth for a while, showcasing the passion and fire that both men have.

6 A Contract Offer From Paul Heyman

Paul Heyman is a big admirer of Will Ospreay, which has been the case from the start of his career as a young talent. Before Ospreay had signed with WWE, Heyman met him at a Q&A event hosted by Inside The Ropes, where he took the time to offer Will a contract.

This was for EVOLVE, who have worked as a WWE feeder system at times, and that could have led to him eventually working for WWE one day. However, he ended up going down a different route overall.

Will Ospreay is still relatively young, yet in 2018 he ended up creating his own promotion, Frontline Wrestling. Wrestlers making their own promotion typically starts after they retire, and are looking for something new to do in the business, giving back in a new way.

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Ospreay’s promotion only lasted for one year, as he then had to sell the company because he was moving to live in Japan. But, the fact that he was involved in doing that in the first place shows his passion for the business.

4 Rivalry With Ricochet

For those wrestling fans who aren’t aware of Will Ospreay, his rivalry with Ricochet is something that a lot of people will want to learn about. Ospreay’s style has changed slightly since this point, working more aggressively, but his matches against the WWE Superstar were iconic.

The encounters that tey were able to have is what helped to put them on the map as performers. People began talking about them consistently afterward, because their bouts were so fun.

3 Working For Impact Wrestling

Something that a lot of fans don’t know about Will Ospreay is the fact that he previously worked for Impact Wrestling. He only had a short stint for the company, but he did put in several performances, ticking that off his bucket list.

It was a big moment for him at that stage in his career, and Impact likely wishes they had kept hold of him for a little longer considering the incredible talent that he has. But, that wasn’t to be, and in the end he moved on after a short spell.

2 IWGP Heavyweight Champion

Fans should certainly know that Will Ospreay is a former IWGP Heavyweight Champion, because that is one of the top titles in the entire industry. It was a huge accomplishment for him to win that title, defeating Kota Ibushi to earn the coveted prize.

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He made history in order for that to happen, as Ospreay became the first British wrestler to win it. This was an impressive accolade for him to have, proving just how much New Japan believes in him as a wrestler.

1 Progress Champion

While fans think about New Japan Pro Wrestling when it comes to Will Ospreay, he does have a major history with the British independent scene. That was the case when he was involved with PROGRESS Wrestling, which is one of the top promotions in England.

Ospreay was a huge part of PROGRESS, during the peak of the promotion to this point. He is a former PROGRESS Heavyweight Champion as well, which is one of his biggest accomplishments to date.

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