10 Dream Matches For Johnny Gargano On The Main Roster


WWE pulled out a major surprise by bringing Johnny Gargano back to the company, with the former NXT Champion making his official main roster debut. He is now back with the company, and he is set for a big push under Triple H, who is well known for being a big fan of Gargano’s work.

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While Johnny Wrestling was a success in NXT, achieving plenty of accomplishments and having great matches, but there is plenty of wrestlers on Raw and SmackDown that he’s never faced. There are plenty of dream matches now sitting waiting for him which opens up a lot of possibilities for Triple H moving forwards.


10 Kevin Owens

Kevin Owens is someone that is likely set for a big push by Triple H, and if he can return to his absolute best then a match with Johnny Gargano would be fantastic. Seeing KO as a top heel, talking trash, and working aggressively inside the ring then Gargano is the ideal person to work against.

He sells fantastically, while also bringing the fire to fight back which is what people want to see. The two men have huge history in NXT, and their similarities over the years is something that would be great to see against each other.

9 Roman Reigns

Right now it is too early to predict whether or not Johnny Gargano is going to get pushed to the main event scene, but there is no doubt he has the talent to do so. His underdog character is something that would work perfectly in that environment, and Roman Reigns is a great talent to put him up against.

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Because the Tribal Chief has been so dominant since his return, seeing his physical style against Gargano who would be fighting and pushing to take him down is something that would make for great television.

8 The Usos

While Johnny Gargano is likely to be pushed as a singles star for a while, it does seem inevitable that he and Tommaso Ciampa will eventually team up and reunite #DIY. It would be a huge moment for fans, and a match against The Usos is a huge dream for the WWE Universe.

They’re two amazing teams, and bringing them against each other is something that would lead to a brilliant encounter. All four men know how to work the tag team style perfectly, and if WWE can build #DIY in the right manner it would create a great spectacle.

7 Cody Rhodes

Cody Rhodes is one of the biggest stars on the WWE roster right now, and when he returns from his injury a match against Johnny Gargano is something that fans would love to see happen. The two of them are very similar in the manner that they get fans onboard behind them with lots of momentum.

They’re both amazing sellers and like to tell legitimate stories within their matches, and putting that together could lead to an incredible encounter that would be able to drag the fans in to watch it.

6 Seth Rollins

Seth Rollins is one of the most talented workers in WWE right now, and putting him against Johnny Gargano is something that most fans would be keen to see. The current gimmick that Rollins is working, where he is acting crazily is something that could be fantastic against Gargano.

The former three-time TNT Champion could have a great match with Gargano because they are both technically brilliant while they can also implement high-flying moments that would help to create an engaging match that could steal the show.

5 AJ Styles

AJ Styles and Johnny Gargano have only competed against each other twice in their careers, and neither of those matches have happened for a major promotion, which is why people would be desperate to see this one. The vast majority of fans would never have seen these two compete.

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Considering they’re two of the best from their generation, it makes sense why fans would want to see them compete against each other. It’s a huge PPV-style match, and one that Triple H will likely want to pull the trigger on.

4 Gunther

A David vs. Goliath story within a match is something that suits both Johnny Gargano and Gunther, which they have proven several times throughout their career. On the main roster, what they could do is different from others, with Gargano consistently fighting back as he tries to pull out the impossible.

Seeing Gunther work as a strong base, dominating with his strength while the smaller talent moves around him is something that would be interesting to watch. If they get the right amount of time, then there is no doubt that two men as talented as them would be able to steal the show.

3 Randy Orton

Randy Orton might not be one of the flashiest wrestlers on the roster who is looking to fly around the ring like some, but the slower pace he works and all of the small things he does in the ring are better than most. When he is motivated, Orton can put together a classic match, and against Johnny Gargano, that would be possible.

Fans would love to see these two men going back and forth inside the ring, with this being a dream match for people that they wouldn’t expect to have been possible for the longest time.

2 Edge

Another veteran of the WWE roster that Johnny Gargano hasn’t competed against is Edge, and this is a huge match that WWE can book at some stage. Few are better at putting matches together than the WWE Hall Of Famer, and working that with Gargano’s storytelling abilities would help to make something special.

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The idea of the future competing against the past is something that creates an easy storyline, and inside the ring their technical skills would be able to shine brightly, leading to an exciting match between them.

1 Rey Mysterio

Johnny Gargano isn’t one of the biggest wrestlers in terms of height and size, therefore Rey Mysterio is someone that he could match up against well in singles action. They both wrestle a fast style, and seeing that come together in WWE would be brilliant to watch.

This is the type of match that most fans would never have anticipated being able to watch, yet it is now a distinct possibility, especially since they’re on the same roster, which is why fans are eager to see it.


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